Dermal Needling Example

Have you ever wondered what happens during a Dermal Needling treatment? I recently underwent the procedure to demonstrate what happens during the treatment – watch the video below for more information.

Prior to the treatment, the skin is treated with an anaesthetic cream to reduce any feelings of discomfort.  The treatment can be used to help tighten the skin, as well as helping to reduce the appearance of scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and stretch marks.  It can also be used to tackle pigmentation of the skin – i.e. sun spots, and melasma.

Dermal Needling is a minimally-invasive non-surgical and non-ablative procedure for facial rejuvenation that involves the use of a micro-needling device to create controlled skin injury; by piercing the skin multiple times at high speed. This carefully targeted treatment stimulates the release of ‘growth factors’ in the skin and the increased production of collagen and elastin in the treatment area to encourage skin rejuvenation and promote complete and skin remodelling from scars, stretch marks, lines and wrinkles. The needling targets deeper lines and remodelling deeper into the reticular (lower) dermis. Needling does not exfoliate the skin but targets a more direct dermal stimulation by activating enzymes which break down old bound type 1 collagen with poor elastic properties.

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