Microsclerotherapy is a popular and effective treatment for Spider Veins on the legs by injection and many patients who chose to undergo this treatment find some success with the treatment. Although Spider Veins are without symptoms, they can have an unattractive appearance and can cause self-consciousness, particularly at holiday time! They may be associated with varicose veins but can occur even when there are no varicose veins present.

A drug called a sclerosant is injected directly into the problem veins causing the lining of the veins to swell so that no blood can flow through them, it’s the blood in the veins that is visible in the skin rather than the veins themselves. More than one treatment is often required, as the body will sometimes repair rather than ‘get rid of’ the damaged vein. Save Face, an organisation that helps members of the public to locate safe, fully trained, licensed and insured practitioners for non-surgical procedures state that it is reasonable to expect a 40-80% improvement in the appearance of spider veins following a Microsclerotherapy treatment, though in many cases, multiple treatments are required. www.saveface.co.uk/treatments/body-treatments/vein-treatments

Following treatment it is necessary to wear a support stocking as this helps the veins to seal off and prevents blood flowing back into them.

Occasionally, a small area of brownish pigmentation can occur at the injection site. Very rarely a small area of skin may react to the injection causing a little ulcer. This is rare, and will heal over time if it does occur.

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