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It’s sale season, and everywhere I look I see ‘prices slashed’ and ‘cheapest ever!’ – whether that’s in relation to furniture, clothing, or even some non-surgical aesthetic treatments!

I understand that for many people, the funds that they’ve got available to spend on life’s little luxuries can be tight, but although it’s great if you can get a bargain ex-display kitchen or a fabulous pair of shoes for a fraction of their original cost, the same doesn’t work in relation to non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

Here at Younger U Aesthetics, our treatments are priced at the level they are for several reasons:

  1. The products I use are high quality, from tried and tested and reputable manufacturers who invest heavily in product development and training.  The other equipment that I use in-clinic is also top of the range – from syringe needles to my dermal needling machine – helping to deliver effective and consistent results to my patients’ every time!
  2. I have undergone extensive medical training and continue to update my knowledge and skills with expert training days.  I am a member of a number of industry organisations, including Save Face, the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses, the Nursing Midwifery Council and the Royal College of Nursing – all of whom have strict codes of ethics and help to ensure a consistently high standard within the nursing profession.  These accreditation’s/memberships and continuing professional development, plus the extensive insurance that I hold, all help to ensure that patients receive the very highest levels of care and support from Younger U Aesthetics at all times, but they do add significant costs to running a professional non-surgical aesthetics clinic.
  3. Non-surgical aesthetic treatments aren’t on the same level as a massage, a hair-cut, or a new pair of shoes… so they shouldn’t be priced as such.  Dermal fillers, wrinkle relaxing injections, etc. – although non-surgical, these treatments all involve injectable solutions or products being inserted into the skin.  There is an incredibly narrow margin for error, and ‘clinicians’ without extensive medical training, physiological knowledge and advanced technical experience can easily miss the optimal target area for a treatment by a mm or two, causing the treatment to be non-effective, have negative aesthetic results or even risk patient health and safety.  We’ve all seen the horror stories in the tabloids of individuals with hugely swollen and infected lips, or having been blinded by wrinkle relaxing injections that have gone terribly wrong – so why risk it? Invest in your skin and your treatment and seek out a qualified and insured medically practitioner who is highly regarded and trusted and uses the best products on the market for their treatments. Consider your options carefully and fully – don’t just rush into a treatment because of a limited time ‘special offer’ that sounds too good to be true, because that could well be the case…

Always trust an experienced medical professional for your non-surgical aesthetic treatments – your skin is far too precious to risk anything less than the highest quality treatments!

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