Spring is on its way!

Spring is on its way (apparently) and it’s not unusual to feel compelled to have a good sort out and spring clean in preparation for the long, sunny days ahead.

We spring clean our homes, our garages, our wardrobes, but when was the last time you spring cleaned your skincare regime? Here are some things to consider if your skincare regime needs a springtime refresh.

  • Out of date cosmetics and skincare products – why not take a look at your skincare products and find the ‘Period after Opening’ symbol on them. This symbol looks like a little pot with the lid open, and has a number followed by the letter ‘M’, representing the maximum number of months that the manufacturer recommends that you keep the product for after opening. Some products really can ‘go off’ if left open too long thanks to bacterial contamination, and some products can actually irritate your skin if used after their effectiveness has worn off, so it’s worth keeping an eye on these dates and having a good clear out if you’ve got a number of products that are far past their ‘period after opening’ date.
  • Clean those applicators! Mascara wands, powder applicators, brushes and sponges – these all need a good clean regularly to remove the build-up of dead skin cells and bacteria. Beauty blenders, if you use them, also need to be replaced every three months or so.
  • Our skin changes as we age – products that we have used for years may have lost their usefulness based on the unique requirements of our skin today.  For example, the body’s ability to produce Hyaluronic Acid (a molecule that binds with water in the body) reduces as we get older, causing skin to become drier.  As a result, a more intensive moisturiser may be required than we have previously used.

New developments in skincare products – there are always new breakthroughs from skincare laboratories into formulations and ingredients that can tackle specific skincare concerns more successfully than ever before.  As a result, if you are thinking about upgrading your skincare regime this year, why not speak to me about the range of tried, tested and trusted skincare products I have available to purchase in clinic – there may be a product (or an entire range of products) that could be beneficial in tackling your unique skincare concerns, so get in touch!

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