Subtle enhancements vs. looking “done”

Subtle enhancements vs. looking “done“

Here at Younger U Aesthetics, we are proud to offer sensitive and subtle procedures that reveal a natural, youthful and radiant appearance, delicately tackling any aesthetic concerns that a patient might have.  For example, if a patient has lost volume in their lips, a Dermal Filler lip enhancement treatment may be suggested; if a patient wants to address the profile of their nose without invasive surgery, I would provide information about our non-surgical rhinoplasty treatments.  I will only ever recommend treatments that are safe and appropriate for the unique needs of each patient, and make sure that I give everyone plenty of time to consider whether they want to undergo a specific treatment.

In this age of reality TV stars and Instagram celebrities, where ‘bigger is better’ when it comes to over-filled lips and extreme buttock implants, natural and unassuming aesthetic treatments aren’t often on the public’s radar – and that, for me, demonstrates the skill of the medically qualified aesthetic clinician.  Over-filled lips and frozen or swollen features are far more obvious, and don’t fit in with the Younger U Aesthetics mantra of ‘Helping you look your best’ – we want to enhance our patients’ natural beauty and unique facial characteristics, not distort them to resemble an unnatural ideal.

In the event that a patient does come to Younger U Aesthetics asking for a treatment that I feel is inappropriate – for example, if they ask for a larger dose of injectable Dermal Fillers in the lips than I feel is necessary – I will not carry out the procedure, and potentially will suggest that the patient seeks advice from another professional.

If you are considering a non-surgical aesthetic treatment, please make sure that you visit an experienced and qualified medical professional and listen to their recommendations – any responsible clinic will have your best interests at heart and give you honest feedback and recommendations based on their extensive experience.  If you are looking for an accredited clinician near you, I would strongly recommend visiting to view their register of approved practitioners, and find out more about specific non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

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