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Earlier this month I renewed my Save Face membership, and for those of you who aren’t familiar with the organisation, I just wanted to explain a little about who they are, what they do, and why I am passionate about being a Save Face accredited practitioner (with Excellence Status – which is awarded to practitioners who can demonstrate excellent consumer feedback of 50 or more positively completed consumer satisfaction surveys).

So what is Save Face? Save Face is a professional standards authority accredited register for the non-surgical aesthetics sector, and is recognised by the government, the Department of Health and NHS England. As well as enabling patients to find trusted aesthetic clinics and practitioners near them, it also is a valuable source of impartial advice about non-surgical aesthetic procedures, explaining what is involved and the potential side effects associated with each treatment.

In order to become an accredited practitioner, there is a comprehensive list of standards that a clinic and/or practitioner needs to meet – you can find out more about them here: Essentially, the accreditation highlights the fact that the practitioner has met the strict membership guidelines and:

–        Is a registered healthcare professional

–        Has genuine and relevant qualifications

–        Has received appropriate training (and continues to update this)

–        Is adequately insured

Accreditation also means that the treatment space complies with health and safety legislation, is clean and safe, and has all of the equipment and facilities available to provide treatments in a safe and appropriate setting.  In addition, Save Face accreditation also looks at the products and equipment used in treatments to ensure that they are all appropriately licensed for the treatments they are used in, are stored and maintained appropriately and are from legitimate suppliers.

With the ever increasing popularity of non-surgical aesthetic treatments, there are dozens of ‘practitioners’ in every village and town across the UK offering these treatments. However, when you are injecting patients or are using products and equipment that could cause damage to the skin if used incorrectly or inappropriately, it’s so important to have the underlying medical knowledge and experience to really understand what you are doing and ensure the best possible outcome for the patient.  Consider, for example, the fact that a handful of people may have an allergic reaction to an injectable or topical skincare treatment – how can the safety and wellbeing of that patient be maintained if you don’t have an understanding of the appropriate actions to take in that situation? This is why Save Face accreditation, and the fact that they work solely with registered healthcare professionals with appropriate qualifications and training, is so important, and is a resource that I recommend to anyone looking for an aesthetic clinic or treatment advice.

If you’d like to find out more about Save Face, you can find their website here:

Be #SkinSafe this year! Search for trusted and accredited non-surgical aesthetic clinics to protect yourself, and your amazing skin, in 2022 and beyond.

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